Best Beach On The Island Of Bali For All Tourists

Best Beach On The Island Of Bali For All Tourists

Best beach on the island of Bali to be visited when there is an opportunity for traveling to Bali. Curious what are the 10 best beaches in the island of Bali that? The following ten best beaches on the island:

Virgin Beach

Clear sea water into mainstay Virgin beach. In the first position falls on beaches in the northeastern part of the island of Bali, or in Karangasem regency precisely. The beach is better known among foreigners as Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach is indeed worthy of being the number one beach in the island of Bali. The water is very clear, and turquoise shades of his very beautiful beach. Too bad if youve never visited the Virgin beach.

Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is filled with coconut trees. I think the beach is worthy of being in second place, because this beach is the most comfortable beach atmosphere between the beach another Bali beach. Balangan beach is characteristic there are many coconut trees at its edge. In addition to the waves on the beach Balangan also pretty good for surfing.

Beach Bingin

when the tide is low suitable for swimming, beach Bingin just a few weeks ago I visited this deserves a 3rd position. Bingin beach worthy to be called as a one stop center to enjoy the beach. Why? because at this beach you can do some activities such as sunbathing, surfing, or swimming when it receded. Only, be ready ready just feel foreign in their own country during a visit to this beach. The majority of visitors to the beach Bingin is caucasian crazy surfing. Indeed waves at this beach is great for surfing, not one that Bingin Beach entered at No. 3 best beach on the island of Bali.

Suluban Beach

Poker Online - in low tide conditions had the best view of the sunset on the island of Bali, the beach is also known as Blue Point Beach is located at number four. The coastal areas with beach-type reef with waves big enough. Most visitors Suluban is a surfer. therefore also on the cliffs coastal cliffs Suluban there are many cafe and surf camp. Suluban also has the best view of the sunset, even more so when the beach is receding.

Some stay for the tourists stay, among others:

  • The Gong Hotel
  • The Hill House Hotel Ungasan
  • The Puncak Hotel And Villa
  • Surga Bali Cottages
  • Kiki Home Stay
  • Sandat Mas Cottages

Padang – Padang beach

Padang – Padang beach became world famous because of the movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Robert. Because the coast of Padang Padang deserved position as the best beach on the island of Bali fifth. This beach is also popular with local tourists, because it is suitable for swimming and water play. One more thing that is important information about Padang Padang. Actually there are two beach, a bustling one another less crowded. deserted beach is next to the beach is crowded, before Suluban Beach.

Penyu Beach

Penyu beach that was not there at all hehehehe its turtle Although Penyu Beach has a name does not mean a lot of turtles on this beach. Incidentally this beach is located on the Serangan Island which there are turtle conservation. Penyu beach, beach-type rubble, sand beaches that make a bit rough. Like most beach on the island of Bali, Penyu Beach is more famous among the lovers of surfing.

Green Bowl Beach

Beaches Green Bowl, a beautiful beach that can only make the tourists tired just to achieve it. The beach is located on the bottom of the hill on the southern part of Bali island. Hence this beach is also known as the Bali Cliff Beach. Advice for visitors if they want to visit this beach, prepare extra energy, because there is no other way but to walk to the beach which is under this hill. Exhausting trip will pay off after arriving on the beach because the beach will be presented with a beautiful atmosphere and cool to unwind.

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Beach Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran bay better known as the center of Jimbaran beach dinner by the sea her Bali. Though the beach is actually made up of three beach that each each has its own uniqueness. Jimbaran beach as one the only place the best dinner on the island of Bali. Kedonganan beach contained fresh fish market, and Kelan Beach which has a pretty spot beside the airport to see the sunset.

Some lodging for travelers who want to linger to enjoy the beauty of the region:

  • Wedari Guest House
  • Kinfisher Udayana Eco Lodge
  • Kemala Bed And Breakfast

Dream Land Beach

now has changed its name to New Kuta Beach. Although now has changed its name to New Kuta Beach, but the beauty of Dream Land Beach remains irreplaceable. Proven by many people who know the name of this beach as a beach Dream Land.

Kuta beach

Lastly, Kuta Beach! Who is not familiar with this beach? Kuta Beach is indirectly became an icon of tourism in Bali. The beach is always crowded with tourists, either domestic or foreign. The beach was very busy both during the day and night. Many tourists during the night while sunbathing by the beach enjoying the many tourists that the waves while enjoying dinner on the waterfront that has been provided in restaurants around the edge of the beach. Many singers who accompany the song appropriate national language leisure travelers who again, was incredible singers on the the beach they can master the 3 to 4 foreign languages??.

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