Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is the famous country in Asia. This is a small country with the modern infrastructure. If you go to this country you will be amaze to see it. There are many of high buildings. And then, the Singaporean is very humble and kind. They are not arrogant to any tourist who comes to their country. There are many destinations spot in this country.

If you are come to this country, you will enjoy the panorama of Sentosa Island and the amazing Universal Studios. That’s why many people come to this country to spend their time. If you want to know more about Singapore, don’t worry. In this occasion you will be know about some travel destinations in Singapore. Check it out.

The best of Sentosa Island

The first destination is Sentosa Island. This island is very magical and fascinating. If you have any plan to traveling to Singapore, you must try to visit this Island. In the morning you are able to watch sunrise from the beach. And in the evening you are able to watch the beautiful view of sunset. This island also has with white sands in the beach. Sentosa Island also often reserve as the honeymoon place. Because of this place very romantic and sweet.

Universal Studios

The second destination is Universal Studio. In this place you will see many of statues of famous people. The statues are very similar with the real figure. If you want to go to this place, don’t forget to take their pictures. This is very amazing and magical. The cost to visit this place is not expensive. So, you can save your money more.

SEA Aquarium

The third destination is SEA aquarium. In this place you are able to see much kind of fishes. This is look like a little sea in your view. From the small fishes up to the big fishes are there in this aquarium. You will not feel regret to visit this place. So, don’t doubt to go to this place.

Well, that’s all bout Singapore travel. As the famous country Singapore always give the best service for their tourist or visitors. This city is very modern and clean. If you are come there, you will get the fast service and amazing view. For the transportation, you can use public transportation like electric train and bus way. It is very cheap and fast. And then, the most important thing is; you don’t need waste your money in this country. You can enjoy some amusement park with low price.

If you are the person who is like shopping, this is a right place for you. Because of the price for anything is very low. Not only can enjoy amazing views, you will also able to shop in some shopping spot. For sure it will be cheap. So, don’t worry about the cost. the article presented Batavia Air - Tiket Pesawat Murah - will able to increase your knowledge, more over about Singapore travel. See you next time and good luck