Software available for computer repair

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Professional or personal data loss can be disaster for any one. If you don’t have an emergency plan you can land up in a big mess. Data backup is the first line of defence against any such data loss, although backup servers can also fail. Computer repair software is designed to solve recovery problems. This software scan the hidden data and recover the lost data as a complete file. It can detect pictures, audio/video files, documents and recover them in original form. Computer repair software are not 100% guaranteed, there are chances of not able to retrieve completely damaged files, and hence it’s never a sure thing. But different solutions are in market for different data loss situations ultimately increasing the chances for the most recovery.

Computer repair

Tips to identify the best software:

Easy to use: software which are user-friendly, easy and effective to use are the best. Recovery software should never let you in what next thought process. It should be able to scan and recover the lost data. The software should be intuitive and should provide clear definition under the scanning options.

Scan and recovery speed: whether the recovery program is faster or slower doesn’t matter. What matters is the rate of successful recovery. Some programs like On track Easy Recovery takes five hours to scan 1 TB hard drive whereas Stellar Phoenix takes one hour to scan 50GB. Hence, there is no correlation between speed and percentage of successful recovered files; it all depends on the brand, type of drive and how well it’s connected to the computer.

Kind of use: a business professional might go for software which is suited for office environment. Depending on the size one can go for software with professional or enterprise version.

Customer service: the computer repair software comes with exceptional support from the customer care making the recovery process easier and smooth.

Top 3 free software for data recovery and computer repair

Peri form Recuva: it is flexible free data recovery software. Best in case of any emergency. Has automatic scanning. User friendly in nature. Also provides the facility of automatic upgrading of software.

Wise data recovery: its user-friendly feature is hard to beat. There is no struggle in configuring the setting. Tracking down of recovery data as simple as selecting the drive and clicking the scan. This software helps in recovering single or multiple folders at once.

Disk drill: this an excellent free data recovery program because of its simple design and it features. It can recover 500 MB from virtually any storage device. Disk drill can scan the file before recovering, pause scan and resume them later, can also perform partition recovery or back up the entire data.

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